Safety Over Water: Advice on Personal Floatation Devices (PFDs)

Advisory Note No 01, 2022

The aquaculture industry involves differing over water environments including, exposed coastal sea locations, nearshore sheltered areas, areas with strong tidal races, fresh and seawater lochs, open tanks, ponds and raceways. Work locations may include working from workboats, fast ridged inflatables craft, floating structures moored to the sea bed and working from land by open water. There may also be cases where indoor facilities over water may pose an over water risk.

Where there is a risk of falling into the water and drowning, it is essential to provide sufficient buoyancy to keep the person safely afloat.

The following guidance has been created by the Aquaculture Safety Group to help users understand; the risks, the buoyancy of varieties of PFDs, the numerous options/extras for PFDs and the correct uses of individual equipment.



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